Here’s Why F.L.C Hub Is A Gamechanger In The Finance Industry

In the ever-changing world of finance, it is essential to stay on top of current events and have a network of professionals you can lean on for information and support.

The Financial Leadership Center (F.L.C Hub) provides an environment that gives you access to that network. Our network brings together individuals from a variety of fields surrounding financial literacy, investments, stocks, savings, and wealth management.

Why we do what we do

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • 78% of Americans can’t afford a $400 emergency expense.
  • Nearly 85% of Americans don’t to have enough money to retire comfortably.
  • Total credit card debt in America surpassed 1 trillion dollars in 2017, its highest point ever.
  • Income inequality in the U.S. is the highest among all of the G7 nations.

Financial Literacy is the key to reversing these staggering numbers. It is not a subject that is taught in grade school, and without the proper financial education, it’s easy to see why Americans are having such a hard time with their finances.

Overspending, careless investments, and the feeling of being trapped in a 9-5 job are common in our society. Learning how to properly manage your finances is the first step to financial freedom.

The F.L.C Hub is a perfect place to begin your training or to connect with like-minded individuals to grow your current investments. The F.L.C. Hub is about creating and maintaining long term wealth. Our network caters to those at every level in their wealth journey.

> What you get out of it

The F.L.C. Hub is a network built to benefit you from Day 1.

  1. F.L.C. Hub Newsletter

Signing up for our free bi-weekly newsletter will give you tools to build your financial literacy. Our newsletter allows you to access the latest news on finance, investments, tech, and business straight from your inbox.

  1. Roundtable Discussion

The Roundtable discussion is a monthly opportunity for you to converse with other finance professionals in an informal setting.

During these monthly discussions, we typically focus on a specific topic surrounding financial literacy. The floor is open for discussion allowing you to learn from others at the roundtable.

Seats at the roundtable, also known as “Financially Round”, range from $57-$117 per session. It is an investment that will make you more knowledgeable, allow you to generate brand awareness, and connect with your financial peers. It’s a three for one deal that you don’t want to miss! 

  1. Annual Global Financial Awareness Event

The Global Financial Awareness Event is our premiere event that takes place in Las Vegas every April. Our premier networking event gives you access to a community of peers and experts in the financial field.

Think of it as an all you can eat buffet for financial knowledge! Our experts teach classes on many subjects including, but not limited to, real estate, blockchain (Cryptocurrency), and ETFs and so much more in store.

Admission to this event is only $87 – $127 and grants you access to as many classes as your schedule can handle. We even offer a Vendor and Sponsorship Package that allows you to set up a booth and showcase your brand to all of our guests and industry leaders.

You can purchase your individual ticket or Vendor and Sponsorship Package here. Please note, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have postponed our 2021 event. We are on schedule to have our next event in April 2022.

Are You Ready To Level Up Your Wealth?

Are still contemplating if the F.L.C. Hub is right for you? Think about your current situation and ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you have debt that you’d like to get rid of?
  • Are you considering starting a business or investment strategy but unsure of how to approach them?
  • Are you an established financial professional that would like to share your knowledge with the world?
  • Do you want to have long lasting wealth?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, sign up today! Even if those aren’t your specific needs, we have resources that can assist you with the entire scope of financial literacy.

We live in a country that thrives off of financial education. It is a subject that many believe is reserved for only those who are able to study it at a collegiate level.

Not having access to this network and education puts others at a disadvantage. The F.L.C. Hub is here to give you the advantage!

Our mission is to financially empower you and get you to realize that your financial future comes first.

It’s time to prioritize your pocket, your bank account, and your financial future! Join us at to learn more about us, read our blog, or sign up for our next event.

F.L.C. Roundtables: A Gathering of Financial Professionals 

Are you ready to expand your knowledge about financial literacy? Welcome to the roundtable.

What is a F.L.C. Hub Roundtable?

King Arthur’s knights gathered at their roundtable to discuss battle plans for conquering territory, and the F.L.C Hub members gather around our Roundtable to discuss conquering our finances!

Also known as “Financially Round”, our Roundtable events happen once per month and give professionals in the finance industry a chance to discuss industry knowledge.

It also gives professionals the chance to develop strategies and solutions for their financial challenges leading to financial growth. So why should you join the next roundtable discussion?

It’s Informal

At the Roundtable, you can say what you feel. We always respect one another when we are sharing our opinions and welcome healthy debates over opposing views.

As a professional, it may be difficult to voice your opinion on a regular basis for fear of being reprimanded by a manager or, even worse, fired from your job.

We want you to feel comfortable expressing your true thoughts in a space where they will be received without criticism.

It’s a Chance to Gain Exposure

You never know who you may interact with at Financially Round. We have participants from all levels (novice to expert).

They are all motivated to learn more about financial literacy and to share their thoughts on the subject. You just might meet your next business partner, employee, or mentor at our Roundtable discussion: so put your best foot forward.

A few of our Roundtable packages even grant you the chance to have a video highlight developed about your brand or have a logo placement at the event.

These are both methods that you can use to gain additional exposure with the participants. More exposure is never a bad thing when it comes to building your brand.

Exposure to the right crowd is even more important. At our roundtable, you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are the perfect audience for your brand.

We also provide breakfast, lunch, or dinner so you can break bread with your colleagues and get to know them on a more personal level.

Reserve your spot today!

Our monthly roundtables fill up fast, so be sure to reserve your spot through our website. We are excited to have you share your perspective and expertise with our other guests and share your questions to fuel the conversation. All levels are welcome!

Join us at to learn more about us, read our blog, or sign up for our next event.

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